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Top 10 best Platformers Games on PS2
Top 10 best Platformers Games on PS2

Top 10 best Platformers Games to play on PS2 Emulators PlayStation 2 became the best-selling legendary game system of all time because it had a high-quality game library with countless options. When talking about the game library on PS2, we have a wide range...

Top 10 SNES Beat ‘Em Up Games
Top 10 SNES Beat ‘Em Up Games

The beat ’em up genre stands out on the Super Nintendo with some really great games and what I want to do is share what I consider to be the 10 best beat ’em ups released on the Super NES. Battletoads in Battlemaniacs Ranking...

Download BIOS for All Console & Emulator
Download BIOS for All Console & Emulator

What is BIOS for Emulator? BIOS (short for Basic Input/Output System) is software embedded in a computer system or electronic device to control the system’s basic operations. In the context of an Emulator, the BIOS is the backbone of this system, allowing the simulation...

What is ROMsFUN?

ROMsFUN is an open playground for retro game lovers. No matter who you are and where you are from, as long as you are looking for a classic game ROM from old school gaming consoles, we will make you happy. Even if you just want to browse the Internet for fun, we will certainly have something special for you.

At ROMsFUN, you can easily search and download for free thousands of classic game ROMs from various gaming consoles ranging from Nintendo systems to Sony and less common ones like 3DO, Sega Saturn etc. We have built categories dedicated to storing ROMs of each system separately. However, if you want to find something specific, just type the keywords in the search bar which is always displayed at the top right corner of the screen.

If you want to join this playground, request new game ROMs, report bugs, send advertising partnerships or simply just want to connect with us, please contact via the Contact Page.

What is ROM? Why do we need it?

Buddy, if you are here then you must be looking for ROMs of your favorite games. But do you really know what a ROM is? Let me explain it to you.

Basically, ROM is a file containing data of the entire game program, including images, sounds, graphics, scripts, language files etc. ROM stands for Read-Only Memory, containing the code and data necessary for games to be able to run on the original device or corresponding emulator.

A ROM file is usually exported from the original game disk and compressed in a standard format. They have different formats depending on the game system. For example, 3DS ROMs have CIA format while PSP, PS2, PS3 games have the ISO standard format. Nowadays, ROM files can be copied and shared on the internet for various purposes. However, the biggest reason for their existence is to allow users to play old games on emulators.

ROMsFUN – Download source for classic game ROMs for emulators and consoles

Are you looking for classic game ROMs to use for emulators and original consoles? Look no further because ROMsFUN is the paradise you have been searching for so long!

Are you a nostalgia lover? Are you a retro game enthusiast looking to relive those childhood memories in your own way? Are you tired of Googling “Where to download ROMs?” with hundreds of meaningless results Google returns. It’s a mess because there are too many options and you don’t know which sources are safe and reliable? Don’t worry, ROMsFUN is the answer for you!

ROMsFUN is a project we dedicate to the community of classic game lovers who want to enjoy them again on emulators. We share with you all the classic game ROMs that have ever been published and floated on the Internet. Instead of having to browse dozens of websites to download ROMs for each system, you have everything here. All the files we share are completely free. Our collection has grown to over 40,000 titles across all consoles. From legendary games on NES, SNES, Sega Genesis to hit titles of Gameboy, GBA, you can find them all here. Don’t forget there are precious gems hiding in this collection waiting for you to discover. Who knows, you may find a unique game you never knew about before.

We understand that downloading ROMs from unclear sources on the Internet always poses many risks of viruses and malware. At ROMsFUN, you can rest assured about safety and security. All ROMs are thoroughly checked before posting. We commit they can run smoothly on the emulator without any compatibility and security issues.

ROMsFUN – Home of retro gamers!


Are the files on ROMsFUN safe?

Yes. We guarantee the quality of all the files we have uploaded and shared on this website. All files are exported from the original game disks. That means we have not tampered with or modified them. After exporting, our Virus scanning tool will scan all files before uploading them to the storage server. So you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of the files.

Is ROMsFUN safe?

Certainly yes. You may encounter some ads on our website but they are harmless to your device. Please be sympathetic as this is how we generate revenue to maintain the server and provide other free services to users. If you like ROMsFUN, click on the ads to support us!

How to use ROM files?

Basically, you cannot install and use a game ROM file without the original device. Nowadays, thanks to emulators you can run these ROMs on other systems like Windows, Linux and Smartphones. Therefore, depending on the type of ROM you have downloaded, you need a suitable emulator to run them.

What makes ROMsFUN different from other websites?

We operate non-profit. The ultimate goal is to create a playground for retro game lovers to access and download their favorite games. ROMsFUN’s operating criteria have been set from the beginning and do not change: Safe files, secure web connections, fast downloads and always up-to-date.

Does ROMsFUN charge fees?

No. As you can see we do not charge users. You can browse the web as a guest and download anything you want. We take ultimate responsibility for all uploaded files and ensure they provide a completely comfortable and free user experience for everyone. No matter who you are and where you are from, you can use all the services on our website completely free of charge.